Targeting Australia Winter Weather

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English: Copy of Timezones2008.png Edited to show UTC+11 Light Blue - UTC+11 Sea areas Dark Blue - UTC+11 Northern Hemisphere Winter / Southern Summer Orange - UTC+11 Southern Hemisphere Winter / Northern Summer Yellow - UTC+11 all year round (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Corpus Christi, TX has a hot temperature of 100°F in the summer. Winter feels cold the southern hemisphere in the middle of July especially in Australia winter weather.I always wanted to target the Australian audience, but for years without success. I appreciate the new hashtags that Facebook now features.  I can target there better. Sales always fare well in the winter(northern hemisphere) but poorly in the summertime(our summer) Perhaps they could do well during the Australian winter.Australia has a vast array of outback wildlife.  Shipping costs expensive but is…
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