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I Started Knitting

 As you have noticed, I listed knitted hats in my Etsy shop. I started knitting as well as crochet. Before Etsy I knitted ponchos, hats, etc. I moved to crochet because it moves faster. Now I want to branch back to knit.

Crochet and knit are 2 different fields yet they both deal with yarn. Some can handle both. Others can handle only one. I want to branch out to both. Maybe I can make/teach a knitted version of the Lauren hat and much more.

Speaking of patterns, I wrote my first knit pattern of a slouchy beret hat as requested from a buyer of mine on Etsy. I noticed  counting seems more accurate in knitting than crocheting.

I would like to spend less time making videos and write more patterns. Perhaps it feels less overwhelming. Thanks to this new android phone I bought, I take progress pics as I go along. I can use them in my patterns. I hope this works out.

Techniques: I use 2 circular needles when I crochet in the round inspired by Cat Bordhi. I knit combination style inspired by Annie Modesitt. I used to knit combination style. They are my “knitting heroes”. Perhaps they will become yours with their helpful YouTube videos and websites.

Let’s make the best of it and enjoy this together!!!

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