Knit Feels Possible Like Crochet

strawberrycouture hats
Image via CrunchBaseI Started Knitting As you have noticed, I listed knitted hats in my Etsy shop. I started knitting as well as crochet. Before Etsy I knitted ponchos, hats, etc. I moved to crochet because it moves faster. Now I want to branch back to knit.Crochet and knit are 2 different fields yet they both deal with yarn. Some can handle both. Others can handle only one. I want to branch out to both. Maybe I can make/teach a knitted version of the Lauren hat and much more.Speaking of patterns, I wrote my first knit pattern of a slouchy beret hat as requested from a buyer of mine on Etsy. I noticed  counting seems more accurate in knitting than crocheting. I would like to spend less time making videos and…
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