Cool Picture Effects – The Droste Effect and How it Relates to Knitting and Crocheting the Mobius Strip

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Follow Strawberry Couture Etsy Unique Crochet and Knit Hats Scarves Patterns's board Droste Effect Photos on Pinterest.If you like cool picture effects, you'll like the Droste effect in photos. Droste effect photos have the awesome effect of the same picture appearing repeated many times smaller than the one before to the point of infinity. I found 2 freeware tools: Photospiralysis and Dr.Oste Both are work great but each in its own way. To get the best effect, place the tool in the middle of a square or circle. The square and circular object appear to swirl to infinity. It like the effect of the mobius strip. The object twists forever. I enjoy driving pictures and crochet and knit object to infinity. The 2 softwares I mentioned relate to this.Follow Strawberry Couture Etsy…
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