Targeting Australia Winter Weather

English: Copy of Timezones2008.png Edited to s...
English: Copy of Timezones2008.png Edited to show UTC+11 Light Blue – UTC+11 Sea areas Dark Blue – UTC+11 Northern Hemisphere Winter / Southern Summer Orange – UTC+11 Southern Hemisphere Winter / Northern Summer Yellow – UTC+11 all year round (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Corpus Christi, TX has a hot temperature of 100°F in the summer. Winter feels cold the southern hemisphere in the middle of July especially in Australia winter weather.

I always wanted to target the Australian audience, but for years without success. I appreciate the new hashtags that Facebook now features.  I can target there better. Sales always fare well in the winter(northern hemisphere) but poorly in the summertime(our summer) Perhaps they could do well during the Australian winter.

Australia has a vast array of outback wildlife.  Shipping costs expensive but is worth the while ordering
from the U.S.  The currency of the USD and AUD resemble each other.
Nature moves backwards down under. The sun moves right to left instead of left to right. The Moon lies upside down and phases move backwards. I like to notice minor details.  I want to make myself clearer that I would like to target Australia and other down under countries like New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, etc… They have wonderful craftsmanship.

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